Hello You, Hello Me

I’ve got a cazillion word docs saved in my ‘personal’ folder on my work computer. They contain an array of ramblings that have popped into my head over the past few years, mostly unfinished and all self-indulgent. So, yes, I am going to indulge myself even more by posting them here in this little corner of the internet, in the hope that someone might come across them and say ‘oh, hello you!’.

I know that all successful blogs call for a really open, honest writer with good hair who lets you into their life completely and entirely. I will be open and honest, and I will write and, yes, I have good hair. But I’m not quite ready to expose my true identity just yet – you know, the fear of rejection, embarrassment, etc etc.

You can call me K.

I have just turned 31, have been married to my high-school sweetheart for just under 2 years, I love food, fashion and weddings and have a penchant for brogues; metallic hues preferred. I live in London and LOVE London. I also love to travel; all continents and counties are welcomed (well, maybe not Blackpool again, definitely not Blackpool).

I work in the events industry, but am planning to realise my dream of owning a Bridal Boutique in the not-so-distant future.

I have a twin; we’re not alike, we disagree over most things, she’s brunette, I’m blonde. After years of battling, we now ‘get’ each other; our connection is special.

I love my husband immensely, he is my bestest friend, my rock. I am a soppy romantic but also a realist at the same time. I love laughter, friends and good times. But, sometimes, I just love to snuggle under my duvet and sleep. Sleep is goooood. As is wine, wine is gooood.

Oh, and I just discovered the magic of CIF – the cleaning product. It’s amazing. I think I lapsed into a state of euphoria when cleaning my bathroom yesterday. I am not a tidy person, and our home is seldom hoovered, but I feel very satisfied with myself after my mammoth cleaning sesh yesterday. A domestic goddess in the making after all. Maybe.

That’s me.

Here’s some of my thoughts from the past five years…